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Web Design

A business website is a large part of the marketing plan. Google tests all websites accessibility, security, page speed and it rewards ranking accordingly.
Website security should prioritized to benefit users with a secure web host, SSL, regular backups, scan and fix vulnerabilities. The code should be clean, structured, and compatible with that works on the most version of major browsers.
Search engines reward security while internet browsers alert and block unsecured sites as well as measure page load speed. Performance and media optimization is necessary. I set up my websites on a faster server, with CDN, and compress everything I can without affecting user interface (UI) so it is capable of handling a large number of users. A fast site is good User Experience (UX) primarily for Mobil visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free marketing strategy that makes you relevant to the Search Engines.
Content is the king. I research and write the necessary content with keywords and internal links to match demand queries. Page speed is crucial, I use servers with best response time and optimize media delivery.
My websites have to offer fast, readable and useful information to visitors to earn its place on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Social Media

Local business citations improve your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Reviews influence customer decisions. 4 out of 5 people who don’t see any feedback or find negative reviews would turn down a product or service.
Businesses that stay engaged with online reviews attract customers that have 30-40 percent more interaction with revenue-driven products.
Over 80 percent of US consumers agree that customer feedback and reviews are great for business to publicly recognize their work
Reviews count and high rating score improves business, while that minimize the impact of bad reviews.

I don’t sell just websites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I sell more customers, more calls and more people walking into the store.

My clients don’t concern themselves with ranking (SERP), what I do or how I do it. The only outcome that matters to my clients is new business and the revenue received from the traffic I created. They want anything that drives buyers and brings value to their business. If entrepreneurs see that for every $1000 they spent they get $5000 to $10000 in return, they will scale the budget for as long as they get a positive return on investment (ROI). However, I am proud of myself for helping a startup one of my clients to go from

My job is to build a website and social environment that is healthy enough to compete. What we know is Search engines will rank the best content in the best display even if such content is not accurate, true or answers your query. We know search engines value relevance, accessibility, quality, security, reputation, and performance. There are Google, Yahoo, and Bing guidelines but there is no silver bullet on how to be top 10 ranking for a keyword query.

What does it cost? I work with what clients have. We agree on objective and cost and that’s the deal. After that clients buy time, and more they spend the better premium service my clients get.
Startups don’t have money and they fight competition for the next 4 to 8 months. So they buy basic minimum for 1-3 keyword query ranking in top 10 to see what it can do.
What’s a customer worth? How many leads does your business needs in order to close one deal with a customer? What is lead to customer ratio?